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Greek locks, nevertheless, have been typically viewed as unsecure. It was the Romans who improved upon Greek and Egyptian locks by introducing metals as their primary material. Along with providing higher strength, Roman locks have been a lot smaller and keys may very well be worn in pockets or around the neck. Banking has since developed as a result of trade and commerce which, in flip, created wealth that required safe places for storage. Given the monetary tasks of banks and the event of their relationship with rich clients, these financial establishments grew to become the pure storage house for the valuables of their clients. The history of safekeeping by banks is best documented in the United States. The first American business bank, the Bank of North America, was founded in 1782, shortly followed by the Bank of recent York and the Bank of Massachusetts. None of those banks have been then involved in safekeeping since commerce was nonetheless transacted by means of barter and little or no wealth was monetised or capable of storage.

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