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I heard from some those who if the pipe belongs to other unit and inflicting damage to your unit, then the opposite unit's owner must pay up for the repair work. And this is exactly what I did after i stayed at earlier condo...I paid up full for the repair work to the unit below me bcos of the waterproofing difficulty with my bathroom.

Tokyo's water provide serves about 5 million m3 of water on a regular basis to 12million citizens in Tokyo. The water is provided by four rivers Tone, Ara, Tama and Sagami, which move into the Metropolitan area. The untreated water is taken from these rivers and purified by means of three processes - coagulation, sedimentation and filtration at native plants. It is then pressurised and supplied to prospects as tap water via underground pipelines. The overall size of distribution pipes is about 25,262 km in 2005.

Remember, brick is of course porous. It is going to all the time absorb water. Nonetheless, there are brick water repellents that can make them impervious to water. A very good brick water repellent is a product that makes use of a silane/siloxane mix. These brick water repellents go into the brick, not on the surface, to seal out water. As soon as dried the water repellent maintains a natural appearance of the brick. The shade and texture will likely be the identical as if they had not been handled. Also, there isn't a shine or gloss to the brick after treating. Mortar can also be capable of absorb water and a water repellent will stop it from doing so.

Extended publicity of concrete structures to dampness can lead to disintegration and cracking via the carbonation process. The excessive alkalinity of concrete at pH 13 to 14 causes formation of protecting film that protects the reinforcing steel bars (rebars) towards corrosion. When rain water dissolves carbon dioxide fuel, carbonic acid is formed.

1. Spray the product evenly on the surface of the coat from roughly 15-20 cm away.
2. Hanging the coat on a washing line when spraying with the proofer will help maintain an even coating.
3. Verify the jacket carefully to make sure no areas of the fabric have been missed.
4. Wipe off any excess with a clear cloth.
5. Permit the jacket to dry naturally.